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“I believe Ivana has all the attributes you could ask for in a self development consultant. She has obviously found her calling: she is empathetic and has the ability to get directly to my issues, with practical proposals, empathy, knowledge, skill, practical suggestions,giving."
- Ashley Brewerton, New Zealand

​“Ivana is living the program! She is positive, motivating, and committed to helping me succeed.”
- Christina Graham, Alexandria, VA

“Ivana represents everything that you may desire in a life coach. She is a product of the product, and her passion and enthusiasm shine through in her coaching with clients.”
- Eleanor R. Rimedio, Charlotte, SC

“I want to thank you for all the time you graciously spent with us in discussing the book.  I found our meetings hugely helpful.  I learned new strategies and now use many each day. I am living with a much more positive outlook despite what comes my way each day. The gratitude list is a wonderful exercise that helps set the positive flow each morning. I have become increasingly aware of others around me and their energy. I plan to re-read and listen to the book and continue on my journey of awareness.”
- Helene Najar, Bethesda, MD

“Before I met Ivana, I doubted my ability to reach my goals. Then I took this course with her and learned certain principles that now guide my action. I can see my goals coming closer every day and am confident of my success. Thank you!”
​- Elizabeth Pasquale, NYC

“Born to be rich program completely changed my point of view on what is possible to do in and with my life. I am absolutely keen of the ideas promoted within the program as I found out that they really work! Thank to this program I have become grateful for what I have and I am looking forward to what is going to happen and appear in my life. I however have to point out that I would probably never get to this point without the active support of my couch Ivana Levin. She absolutely was my role model as she led me through the program. She showed me that I can live the life I want.”
​ ​- Katarina Kozikova, Bratislava, Slovakia



"I was on a weight loss mission when I met Ed. I took my first class with a
friend and we agreed we were exhausted from the first ten minutes. We hurt
for days but I knew that working with Ed would help me reach my goal and
teach me what more I was capable of. I had been running and trying out spin
class but the routines Ed took me through each session hit all muscle
groups and left me panting. I first walked into the gym and could barely do
five real push-ups. In three months, I could do 30 in a row and all the
squats or kettle bell swings Ed insisted I do. His workouts are
challenging, never boring, and always leave me amazed at how far I have
come thanks to Ed's encouragement, refusal to take excuses, and
understanding of what it takes to reach a new level of fitness. I believe
that he can help anyone who is willing reach their goals."

   - Jennie Smith, D.C.

​"Ed Levin has been my personal trainer for over 3 years. I am a professional dancer who is constantly working at sustaining my endurance and strength in this very competitive occupation. Ed has not only designed a unique program to suit my goals, but has also helped me to increase my discipline, physical strength and body awareness. He has exceeded all of my expectations of a personal trainer."

   - Veronica Hunte, D.C.

​"Ed understands the potential of the human body and is schooled in a variety of training methods and martial arts. As a result, he has a tremendous ability to identify and maximize the physical potential of his clients. He excels at creating a balanced workout regimen for each individual based on the client's personal goals. Whether you are a novice to physical fitness and martial arts or an established athlete, Ed will craft a personalized workout program that pushes you to achieve greater results than you could have imagined. As a former college athlete, I have worked with Ed for almost two years and he continues to motivate me to maximize my physical fitness through martial arts, strength and endurance training. If you want to take your fitness to the next level, I highly recommend working with Ed."

   - James Rizzo, Chevy Chase, MD